Day Of Protests In Philadelphia Against Discrimination

LGBTQI+ & Anti-Discrimination Protest down Market Street from 4th to City Hall - Photo by Seth Goldstein
LGBTQI+ & Anti-Discrimination Protest down Market Street from 4th to City Hall - Photo by Seth Goldstein

Yesterday was a busy day for protesting in Philadelphia. The “City of Brotherly Love” had two major protests. Both events aimed at the discriminatory policies of the Trump administration.

Comcast Workers Walk Off The Job To Protest Trump’s Executive Orders on Immigration

At 2 pm more than 1000 Comcast employees walked off the job for an hour in a march sanctioned by the Fortune 500 telecommunications giant. The workers gathered in the plaza outside Comcast Center at 17th and JFK Blvd and marched to City Hall for a rally before heading back to work.

Workers chanted:

Immigration, Innovation, Love, Not Hate, Is What Makes This Country Great.

No Immigration, No Innovation

The walk-out at Comcast’s Philadelphia headquarters was one of many across the country held by Comcast workers.

The protest/walkout all came together in less than two days via the popular organizational chat program Slack.

“Remember to be respectful,” one organizer shouted through a bullhorn to the crowd that amassed. “And keep the Slack Channel open.”

One of the organizers, Hai Thai, 38, is an immigrant himself.

“I came to America when I was 11 from Vietnam,” he said. “I can’t sit here and be silent about Trump’s decisions.”

Thai said being an immigrant wasn’t easy, but now he’s a software engineer. “This is what makes America great, immigration.”

According to Thai, Comcast sanctioned the protest/rally and let employees who participated use their paid time off for the event.

An Evening Protest Against Discrimination Of Any Kind

At 6 pm a protest put on by Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club took place outside Fox’s Philadelphia affiliate at 4th and Market Streets.

The march, which had more than 780 people participating from various organizations, marched from 4th and Market streets to City Hall.

“We are taking to the streets to march in  opposition to Trump’s dark and twisted view of America exemplified by  his the latest series of discriminatory policies and statements coming  from his administration,” the event page on Facebook stated. “Philadelphians  uniquely understand the importance of our bedrock values and the  barriers that still exist in fully achieving them — we can’t go  backwards. We’ll stand together in solidarity, because love is love and hatred won’t stand in our city.  ”

“We are patriots,” said Malcolm Kenyatta, the organizer of the protest. “Donald Trump has a sick view of what this country is about.”

Asa Khalif, the head of the Black Lives Matter Pennsylvania Chapter, said he was here to walk in support and solidarity with their LGBTQI+ brothers and sisters.

“We’re here to stand in solidarity,” he said. “We also want to tear down the false narratives about Black Lives Matter. We stand with the LGBTQI and our community.”

Aaron Heintz, a teacher from the suburbs who was was at the evening protest march, is proud of Philadelphia.

“I’m proud to see fellow citizens voice themselves against ‘Dictator Trump’,” he said.

At both protests, there was a measured presence from the police. Every officer I talked to said they were there to make sure everyone was was safe. That was their first priority.


Organizations involved in the march are rally were:

  • Black Lives Matter PA Chapter
  • Equality PA
  • Philadelphia Federation of Teachers
  • Philly For Change
  • Southeast Chapter of Women’s March
  • Jewish Voice For Peace
  • 215 People’s Alliance
  • National Organization For Women: Philadelphia Chapter
  • Black Gay Pride
  • Garden State Equality
  • Office of State Rep. Brian Sims
  • The Equality Coaltion
  • Philadelphia Interfaith Coalition (PIC)
  • BMe Philadelphia
  • Philly Family Pride
  • New Leaders Council, Philadelphia Chapter
  • Trans-Health Information Project (TIP)
  • Philadelphia Jewish Labor Committee
  • Reclaim Philly
  • Philly Women’s Rally, Inc.
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