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My big holiday wish. Sustainability.

Five years ago I started Raging Chicken Press – homegrown progressive, activist media for PA and beyond. From the beginning,  Raging Chicken has covered regional activism, PA politics, climate change, strikes, education policy and more. We’ve been called media activists, muckrakers, and troublemakers (those are the nice things).

We have broken stories about gun policy in PASSHE schools, worker abuse at Kutztown University, shady environmental deals in the PA legislature, and a host of others. We have had our work picked up by the Rachel Maddow Show, Philadelphia Daily News, Huffington Post, Mother Jones, and more. And we have done all this on a shoestring budget. We have done all this as an “extracurricular activity,” when the demands of our jobs and our families allowed.

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My big wish this holiday is make Raging Chicken Press sustainable. That means paying our writers, hiring a tech consultant, supporting investigative reporting, expanding our reach, and strengthening our on-the-ground reporting in cities and towns around the state.

There are only so many models we have for how to do this. Frankly, most of those models are broken. They depend upon “volunteer” journalists, donated time, and a whole lot of individual will. This is a recipe for burnout and cynicism.

The only way we can have strong, independent progressive media is if we invest in it. The right-wing has been doing just that for over 40 years. And this election all those years of investment has paid off. Just look at Trump’s cabinet picks and you can see a Koch Brothers dream team. The incoming administration is poised to destroy many if not most of the gains of the New Deal, Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, and GLBTQ Rights. We cannot let this happen.

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My big wish is to convince the broad left in Pennsylvania, the region, and the nation that it is an important and worthwhile investment to become a member of Raging Chicken Press and other independent, local/regional media sites. We need to rebuild a devastated local and regional media.  We need a media that will defend people and democracy as its primary charge.

So, this holiday season I make this appeal to you. I have doubled my investment in Raging Chicken Press because I see the writing on the wall in terms of what Trump’s election will mean. I am asking you to become a member of Raging Chicken Press, too. You can join for as little as $2/month. Join at the $5/month level or higher and you will really be helping us reach our goal. Or, consider making a one-time donation to our work. I will pledge to you that we will never stop fighting.

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Kevin Mahoney is the Founder and Editor Zero of Raging Chicken Press. When he's not rabble-rousing on Raging Chicken, he's teaching rhetoric and writing at Kutztown University.


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