The Reason Why I Joined The Democratic Socialists of America

Ever since the election, I’ve been wondering… wondering about my political and social identity. For my whole life I’ve been a democrat… a proud democrat… until this election, when I saw for the first time the corruption that is in ALL politics.

With the election of Donald J. Trump as president of the United States of America, I realized that I don’t fit into any particular party. Especially with the choices we have in the US as of right now.

Cautious of History, But Burned By The Political System

Being a student of history, I can’t help but be cautious about with whom I associate with politically. The Democrats burned me with what they did to Bernie Sanders at the convention. In my opinion Sanders had the best chance to take on Trump and win — not Hillary.

A Change In Me

I’ve always thought of myself as someone who watches politics, but never outwardly active. With Trump becoming the most powerful person in the world, I’ve realized that I need to act. I need to stand for something. I need to decide where I am — who I am — politically.

I’ve always been on the Left when it came to social programs and issues. Being a business owner, I’m not a huge fan of the high taxes, but I don’t believe that the Republicans’ plan for the Middle Class is even remotely beneficial. In addition, I’m definitely pro-union and collective-bargaining.

So Where Does This Leave Me?

With all this in mind, I feel that my beliefs fall best in line with the Democratic Socialists of America. This is what they stand for:

At the root of our socialism is a profound commitment to democracy, as means and end. As we are unlikely to see an immediate end to capitalism tomorrow, DSA fights for reforms today that will weaken the power of corporations and increase the power of working people. For example, we support reforms that:

decrease the influence of money in politics

empower ordinary people in workplaces and the economy

restructure gender and cultural relationships to be more equitable.

So that’s it. It’s official. And I’m proud of where I stand and what I stand for.

This article originally appeared on HermesNews.Net

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