#WithAPSCUF: Chancellor Brogan’s Chief of Staff Tells Students They Didn’t Walk From Table

Yesterday, Randy Goin Jr., Chancellor Brogan’s Chief of Staff, told a room full of PASSHE students that the State System of Higher Education did not walk away from the negotiating table Tuesday night.  The apparent photo-op took place at the Dixon Center in Harrisburg where students traveled from Kutztown, West Chester, Millersville and Slippery Rock to attend.

The group included several student activists who came out to support their professors and several members from different student government groups holding “Settle for the Students” signs.  The divisions between the two groups were apparent.  The activists were marching with their professors chanting “Chancellor Brogan get off your ass, we’d rather be in class,” and “students for faculty,” which then became “faculty for students” when the professors responded.  Those from the student government board groups or those who had “settle for students” signs were isolated from the student activists and wanted to take a neutral approach to the APSCUF strike.

The photo-op went south when PASSHE spokesperson Kenn Marshall gave interviews to local media outlets before the 12 o’clock news.  Marshall gave his interview just as students with bullhorns were arriving.  His interviews with the local media included students shouting “Talk at the table, not to the media” throughout their duration.  After members from Slippery Rock’s Student Government Board arrived, student government board members and students filed into the Dixon Center’s board roam, which was set up in as a forum.  Students were then able to have a back and forth with Chancellor’s Chief of Staff Randy Goin Jr.

Slippery Rock’s WSRU-TV – a student ran television network – was inside the board room and able to record the meeting with the students.  At the 2:33 mark, Randy Goin Jr tells the room:

If you have the impression that he [Chancellor Brogan] is not involved.  That is the wrong impression.  I can tell you personally that I was at that table on the night that this all went down.  I was there until after 5 o’clock in the morning.  I was on the phone with him until 5 o’clock in the morning waiting to hear whether APSCUF would accept our latest offer.  Until 4:57, they came and said “we’re going on strike.”

If you got the impression that we walked away from the table.  Or that we hadn’t been there or arent still engaged, I’m here to tell you….

The segment ends with back and forth between the students and the Chancellor’s Chief of Staff.

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