Hey Trump Folks, the PC Police Are Not, In Fact, Coming To Get You

Dear Mr. Trump, Mr. Schilling, Anonymous Internet Commenters, and countless others,

Let me begin by assuring you that the PC police are not, in fact, coming to get you. Fear not brave and noble citizens, there is no dark force coalescing around you to steal away you freedom of speech. There is no covert operation attempting to limit your rights. Let’s discuss this a little.
You all say many things and attempt to use your voice to sway people to your understanding of “the truth”. That is quite nice and you should be commended for your willingness to use your positions, status, and voices to speak to others. Your views and opinions are your own and you do not shy away from proclaiming them from the vastness of podium and television coverage or Internet comment sections.
Do not fear brave souls, there will be no bright lights shining in front of your home, your front doors will not be broken down, you will not be accosted and taken away by any police force of political correctness.
The reason you need not fear is because this PC Police Force does not exist in any way, shape, or form. I know, I know, it is a shock. Please take a moment to breath and then we’ll continue…
…ok, I hope you’re good now.
There is no such thing as the PC Police. You are not being politically incorrect. You are simply offensive. Your views are your own and you have a right to express them as you see fit but please understand that what you say offends and insults large amounts of our population. Your neighbors are no longer always white Christians. Your neighbors are not only white Europeans but also the people that this country was founded upon – immigrants, people of various faiths, people of various ethnicities. Your neighbors are truly part of the melting pot. Your neighbors are all people.
As a Pastor this is what troubles me about how you speak: You often claim to be Christian; often claim to be a person of faith; often claim God even before country; and yet, you seem to understand nothing of faith. You speak of your love of the Bible and yet you call your neighbors “rapists and drug dealers”. You call yourselves people of faith and yet you compare your neighbors to “nazis”. You claim to love God and yet assume that recognizing the rights and needs of the transgender community will only enable “predators”. You proclaim your love of our nation and yet hold up a football team name as an institution with no concern of the people whose neighborhood you moved into. You hold up the banner of faith and yet hear so little of the word of faith.
Say what you want, I assure you no one is taking away your rights. I simply ask that you stop saying there is a spooky police force out to get you and stop invoking “faith” as your shield. The spooky police force doesn’t exist, it is simply a lot of people who you have offended with your rhetoric. Faith speaks of love of God but also of love of neighbor. Faith speaks of care and consideration for all of God’s creation, even those who you disagree with, or maybe do not even like all that much, or even people who frighten you. Faith speaks of concern for all people no matter who they are or where they come from. Faith speaks of love and care.
Use your rights to speak your mind my fellow citizens. Speak as you wish and I assure you no one will take you away to some secret prison. I simply ask that you know this, when you speak in racist, sexist, homophobic, or cruel ways about large groups of people, the people of faith, the people of God who hear the call to love and serve our neighbors will stand up. We will say you are wrong. We will protect and love our neighbors. We are not a police force, we are the people of God and we love and serve ALL of our neighbors. Speak your minds, we will do the same.
God Bless and Sincerely Yours,
Pastor Speakout
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4 Comments on Hey Trump Folks, the PC Police Are Not, In Fact, Coming To Get You

  1. Dear Pastor Speakout –
    Thank you for reinforcing a belief I’ve held for the last few years – that the liberal left spews as much hate in their rhetoric as the conservative right, only under the guise of being “open and welcoming” and largely through the use of farce. From beginning to end, this entry mocks an entire group of people, part of that same group of neighbors you say we are supposed to love and care about, on a social media platform that 90% of them will never see. Like other modern day satirists, you ridicule people for beliefs you don’t completely understand because they aren’t yours. You are correct that most people no longer have neighbors who are solely “white Christians” but what do you do, Pastor Speakout, when your new Hindu neighbor is struggling with taking his or her child to Target because of an LGBT friendly bathroom policy? Do you listen to their thoughts and faith beliefs and try to understand their point of view? Or do you toss them into the pile you have created for the conservative right, that group of “fear mongers and haters” because they don’t agree with you? I do not dispute the fact that conservatives have said hurtful things about their fellow man. However, please don’t be so arrogant as to think that the words of the left aren’t as cutting in their own way. If all people, including religious leaders of all faiths, lived and modeled care and consideration towards mankind there wouldn’t be this massive divide in society, which is being compounded to daily by the words and actions of many.

    • You are correct, there is a massive divide in society. People are both scared and offended. The point of this post is not to solely critique the conservative movement and maybe I did that, for which I am sorry. There are plenty of people on the left who use hateful rhetoric as well. All Southerners should not be called racists. All Christians should not be called hate mongers. All republicans should not be called fascists.
      The point I was trying to make is that hateful and stereotyping rhetoric is wrong and has no place in political discourse or the church. To label an entire community as potential predators because of where they go to the bathroom is wrong. To label an entire religion as radical terrorists is wrong. To label an entire segment of the nation as racist is wrong. To label an entire religion as discriminatory due to their beliefs is wrong.
      The point that I was hoping to make is that there is no secret police out there waiting to “get” the right. There is no conspiracy to limit the voice of conservatives or liberals or anyone else. The point I was attempting to make is that when people actively call for the death or torture of a large group of people it is wrong. When people ignore the pleas of people who find rhetoric or team names offensive it is wrong.
      Liberals can, and are, just as guilty of this as conservatives at times. The point is that there is no secret police out to get you or to shut your mouth. The point is that there are people who find what is said offensive, demeaning, or threatening.
      Let’s conclude with your Hindu neighbor. The community may be torn over the issue of transgender or homosexuality, just as the Christian community is. There may be a level of discomfort, uncertainty, or even fear about Target’s bathroom policy. Has your Hindu neighbor called all people within that community a potential predator or are they struggling with the issue and their opinions, feelings, and beliefs related to it? My concern is not with struggling with issues as we all do that, on the left and the right and the middle. My concern is with the rhetoric that is sometimes attached to those issues. To say you are uncomfortable with a transgender person being in the same bathroom as you is one thing, an issue that you will need to think about and discern on your own, but to say or imply that all transgender people are potential predators? That is the problem.
      Liberals can be just as offensive as conservatives. This is without question. My concern is with people believing they are being muzzled for their opinions when, in fact, they are simply being told that someone or entire communities find them offensive.
      Hold your beliefs and speak whatever they are but know that when communities advocate for death, hatred, or denial of human rights that there are people who will speak up. This is not the “PC Police”, it’s just people who are offended and people who work to support their neighbors. If you disagree that is completely fine, you have your right to speak and voice your opinions. My point is that, as a person of faith, I will never advocate for death, torture, or discrimination. Maybe you won’t either (I certainly hope that you don’t!) but if you do I will stand up and say it’s wrong regardless of which side of the aisle it comes from. Please speak your mind but know that I will speak too, not as a member of some secret police but rather as someone who simply finds such rhetoric offensive.
      One final note: yes, we who consider ourselves liberal or progressive or whatever can be and are just as offensive at times. We have just as much work to do as you do.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to respond, Pastor, I appreciate that. I do find issue with your use of “you” in the last sentence. I am neither a conservative or a liberal, and part of the reason for that is how both parties continually generalize groups down to the lowest level while neither actually listen to the other side. My overall point to you was that if you intend to have the conservative right read this and actually be allowed to speak their voice in response, maybe you should submit a less sarcastic version to MSNBC, CNN, FoxNews or a number of other sites where they may have a chance to comment rather than simply mock them as a pack of evil wolves out to get all the fringe demographics. Yes, all of the examples you pointed out in your response are wrong and should be condoned by society, but so should mocking a group of people that won’t see this. This venue shouldn’t be used as a sarcastic a Slam Book.

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