Dear Pastor Speakout –
Thank you for reinforcing a belief I’ve held for the last few years – that the liberal left spews as much hate in their rhetoric as the conservative right, only under the guise of being “open and welcoming” and largely through the use of farce. From beginning to end, this entry mocks an entire group of people, part of that same group of neighbors you say we are supposed to love and care about, on a social media platform that 90% of them will never see. Like other modern day satirists, you ridicule people for beliefs you don’t completely understand because they aren’t yours. You are correct that most people no longer have neighbors who are solely “white Christians” but what do you do, Pastor Speakout, when your new Hindu neighbor is struggling with taking his or her child to Target because of an LGBT friendly bathroom policy? Do you listen to their thoughts and faith beliefs and try to understand their point of view? Or do you toss them into the pile you have created for the conservative right, that group of “fear mongers and haters” because they don’t agree with you? I do not dispute the fact that conservatives have said hurtful things about their fellow man. However, please don’t be so arrogant as to think that the words of the left aren’t as cutting in their own way. If all people, including religious leaders of all faiths, lived and modeled care and consideration towards mankind there wouldn’t be this massive divide in society, which is being compounded to daily by the words and actions of many.