Scott Wagner Suffers First Defeat of the 2016 Election

Over the weekend, State Representative Todd Stephens dropped out of the Attorney General’s primary race when the Southeastern Republican Caucus voted to support State Senator John Rafferty 55-2.

One of Todd Stephens’ largest supporters was State Senator Scott Wagner.  In October, Politics PA reported:

“We need a Republican Attorney General that has the skills, background, and experience needed to keep our communities safe,” Wagner stated. “Todd Stephens is a proven prosecutor who has experience and a track record for prosecuting criminals.”

“I determine who to support based off of the same principles that are used in the private sector business world to find the best candidates – I look at experience and background,” the State Senator continued. “Todd and I do not agree on every issue, but I know he will be a no-nonsense Attorney General who will keep us safe and stand up against anyone who breaks the law.”

State Senator Scott Wagner has a history of attacking his own colleagues in the Senate, but this was one of the first power plays Wagner took in Southeastern Pennsylvania and his candidate was trounced.  It will be interesting to see how Wagner backed candidates are perceived in the Southeastern part of the state from here on out.  During the last campaign filing period, Wagner donated $2,934.48 to Stephens’ campaign.

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