An End to the #PABudget?

UPDATE: The House of Representatives have passed the amendment by a 100-99 vote with three Representatives choosing not to vote.  As previously reported, the vote needed to be a 102 majority, but Speaker Turzai claimed that a simple majority was needed.  

Reports are coming in that we can have a budget before Christmas, and the House just took the preliminary steps that moves that train out of the station.

The House floor just passed a resolution changing the rules when it comes to reverting bills back to previous printer numbers. In order to go back to a previous printer number, the floor would need a two thirds majority vote, but since the resolution passed, it only requires a simple 102 majority.

The next step in ending the stalemate will be the actual vote – through an amendment – to revert back to the previous printer number on Senate Bill 1073.  Then the house will have pass Senate Bill 1073 in its original format.  If this happens, this will strip the stop gap budget out of the Senate bill, possibly paving the way for a full budget before Christmas.

However, this does not settle pensions, liquor or tax increases.  Those bills – which is part of the framework – will have to be settled in the coming weeks.

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