#PABudget: More Insight into Turzai v. Reed and a Possible End to the Budget?

Over the weekend, it was reported that House Speaker Mike Turzai and Majority Leader David Reed got into a heated fight before Caucus had occurred.  John Micek pointed out that there was a “schism” between the two that lead to a breakdown in talks, but a House GOP spokesman tried to squash those claims.   According to some on the hill, there was almost a coup inside the Republican Leadership, but it is unclear who almost ousted who.  Back in June there was an incident inside the Caucus when conservative House members reminded the former Democrat that he was elected to House Leader by a single vote.  Reed ended up beating Stan Saylor for that spot and Bryan Cutler, a young conservative House Republican, is third in line as Majority Whip.

Inside the capitol it is easy seeing these factions play out.  House Speaker Mike Turzai was summoned to a brief meeting with Senate Leadership Saturday night and earlier today Senate President Jake Corman had a lengthy meeting with David Reed minutes before the House GOP went into Caucus.

Some are speculating that Representative Turzai is trying to make a power play which could possibly push the stalemate into January.  One way the budget can end this week is if the House passes their budget, the Senate sends the budget back to the House with the necessary amendments and then just leaves town and forces the House to end the stalemate.


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