I Just Registered Online to Vote in Pennsylvania & You Should Too

Tom Wolf did something amazing today!

Last winter, I moved to Harrisburg and with the process of moving in, changing my permanent address, going through all the paperwork with bills, parking permits and the Department of Transportation, changing my voter registration got lost in the weeds and I was unable to vote in the 2015 primary.

To be honest, I have a bad record at voting.  I was eligible to vote in 2008, but I did not.  I voted in the 2010 primaries, but not in the general because I was away at school.  I did not vote in the 2012 primaries or general because I was away at school and was too lazy to fill in my absentee ballot form.

When 2014 came around, I was motivated to vote because of Governor Corbett reign of terror on the Commonwealth.  I was supporting Governor Wolf before his primary ad blitz because of being an intern in Harrisburg and hearing personal stories about him and his time at the Department of Revenue.  That primary and election was the first time I was motivated to vote for someone, Tom Wolf, and because of knowing how much of an influence state and local politics plays on our day to day lives.

Going back to today, Governor Wolf announced online voter registration and I was the 97th person to do so.  It took all of 10 minutes.  Don’t procrastinate and get it done because the 2015 elections will shape Pennsylvania’s future for decades to come because of the three open Supreme Court seats.


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  1. PA is a closed primary state. Meaning . . . if you aren’t registered as a Democrat well before the April primary, you will have no say in whether Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or Martin O’Malley are on the ballot in November. If you are registered as an Independent or Green Party voter, you can not vote in this election and the power of your vote is diminished. Please consider changing your registration to Democrat. Both Sanders and O’Malley have far better records on environmental issues than Clinton.

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