#PABudget: Tipping Wagner’s Signs Over is Freedom of Speech, Lobbyists are Worried & Could this be a Prank?

Here’s the latest on the formation of the Senate GOP Paranoid Caucus.

After the camera story blew up, Senator Jake Corman’s spokeswoman stated that many hidden cameras have gone up in the capitol since 9/11 and Drew Crompton from Senator Scarnati’s office called this a non-story.  As of yesterday morning, the cameras were still there.  When talking to the capitol police, they stated that the camera’s do not fall under their jurisdiction because it is not property of the capitol police or Department of General Services.

I had the chance to talk to couple of lobbyists yesterday and they are not happy with the stunt.  There are serious questions as whether the cameras recorded audio and that is a whole seperate legal quagmire.  But what if those videos were inadvertently recording conversations in the Senate hallway?  The cameras were located outside of the Majority Caucus room with power cords leading into the room.   This could be one huge prank, which would be interesting into itself.

The last question is tipping over his precious signs a breach in decorum?  One staffer claimed that those who were tipping over the signs were disrespectful to the Senator and to the institution itself.  I disagree with this.  Ever since the senator bought his way into this position of power, he has been making inflammatory comments about labor unions and working people.  He has threatened to take a metaphorical baseball bat to the Senate and has engaged in an open flame war with those he disagrees with.  If putting those signs up is “freedom of speech,”  then knocking over his signs should also be considered “freedom of speech.”  Those who disagree with his publicly outlandish signs should be allowed to tell the senator what they think by calling his office, emailing him or giving him a metaphorical middle finger in public by knocking his signs over.

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