#PaBudget: Corman’s Staffer Defends Wagner’s Spying Operation Citing “September 11th”

The press representative from Senate President Jake Corman’s office defends the usage of hidden camera’s by, wait for it…., citing September 11th.


Uh, no.  This was an effort by the Senate GOP to make public sector workers look bad because Scott Wagner’s signs were being “tipped over.”  God forbid Senator Wagner or one of their staffers had to bend over and pick it.  The thoughts of slipping a disc in your back!

In all seriousness, this was an effort to make public sector workers look bad during the ongoing budget stalemate.  According to the Senate GOP, Scott Wagner’s ongoing flame war with the unions is more valuable than getting a freaking budget passed or making sure schools have the resources to open in September.   As stated previously, we have filed a Right to Know request demanding the release of those videos.

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