Republican Lawmaker Considered Suing Me For Slander and Libel Over Medical Marijuana Story

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I know.  Swoon.

Last month, I wrote a story about State Representative Matthew Baker’s financial connections to the pharmaceutical industry.  In the article, I pointed out that the Health Committee Chair received $22,800 from Big Pharma and some of his largest donors included Astra Zeneca, the American Society of Anesthesiologists and Pfizer.

In an email I obtained, Baker stated “this borders on being slanderous and or libelous for which I will have my legal counsel review,” and Baker went to say “I have never even discussed the issue of marijuana with Big Pharma to my recollection.  I based my decisions on health issues based upon sound medical and scientific research.”  It’s possible that Baker was probably blowing smoke because the representative threatened Keystone Progress with a lawsuit in 2011 after they exposed his ties to the American Legislative Exchange Council.

In the meantime, I will be working on another story about Representative Baker’s attempt to stonewall medical marijuana legislation.

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2 Comments on Republican Lawmaker Considered Suing Me For Slander and Libel Over Medical Marijuana Story

  1. Baker seems to have a very thin skin. Maybe politics is not a suitable endeavor for this guy. Just another corporate puppet on a string, IMO.

  2. My son is seizure free because he smokes marijuana. If he was still on his meds he would not be working and carrying his own insurance. He would not be driving, he would not be married. His life has taken a full turn into a productive, self supporting happy existence. If not for pot he would be on disability, food stamps, Medicaid and welfare. I will be contacting this legislator for the second time and I will call his office daily if I have to. They have no right to take what works for my son from him and no right to label him a criminal for saving his own life. His medical progress is documented with and without the marijuana. It really has been a miracle for us.

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