Brutal Gay Bashing Incident Occurred Near Pittsburgh Last Night, Help Needed Finding Attacker(s)

Last night, a photo began circulating of a member from the LGBTQ community who was brutally beaten outside a bar in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania.  According to the friend’s facebook post:

So let me put this out there in case anyone needs schooled for hating gay people. If you are in any way ok with beating them up or abusing them in ANY way because of their sexual preference (mainly because you’re a shallow piece of hating shit) exit my life. Whoever did this to my friend deserves worse, but little do they know is that karma is REAL and IT HURTS PRETTY BAD. Apparently this happened in the West Mifflin area by Harvey’s, so if anyone hears A WORD I expect them to call the police or let me know and I’ll have the balls to do it. This shit seriously has to stop! Quit taking out your own pathetic issues on other people. WE ARE ALL THE SAME INSIDE! And to whoever did this, you WILL be found out.

This is coming on the heels of the recent gay bashing incident in Philadelphia, where the three adults charged in the incident will stand trial for a hate crime.

Ft Mifflin Anti-descrimination

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