Lawmaker Has Solution to Pennsylvania’s Epic Pothole Problem

Pennsylvania’s pothole problem is so bad that the roads leading to Tikrit are a better alternative than most of the roads in the Commonwealth.  In my little universe, the sun rises and sets around the Philadelphia 5 County region, and I did not notice how bad the roads were until I started living in different parts of the state.  I grew up in Philadelphia and visit family in Philadelphia when I go back and the roads suck.  I moved to Horsham, Montgomery County about 9 years ago, hang out in different parts of Bucks and Montgomery counties and the roads suck.  I went to college at Kutztown University and the roads in the Lehigh Valley region suck.  I moved to Harrisburg this past winter and well we have sinkholes, not potholes, to worry about.  And yes, they suck too.

In a Dear Colleague Friends memo,  Republican Representative John Lawrence from Chester County wants to solve this problem by reimbursing drivers who have had potholes damage their cars, which would have helped me out last winter with my $500 plus inspection costs to fix the undercarriage of my car.

In this epic memo, Lawrence states:

In the near future, I intend to introduce legislation that will provide motorists the ability to recover financial losses resulting from pothole-induced damage to their motor vehicle.  
This past winter was one of the most severe in recent memory.  When combined with the previous winter, the past two winters with the unusually harsh freeze/thaw cycles resulted in a bumper crop of potholes. 
In my area, the pothole situation is simply out of control.  In my view, PennDOT has tried to deal with the situation, but the problem has overwhelmed existing repair resources.  I have personally reported potholes to PennDOT that have gone unrepaired for weeks on end.  
Certainly potholes are a fact of life, and there is no way to completely eliminate them.  However, the Pennsylvania motorist is paying the highest gas tax in the nation, and has every reason to expect state roads to be maintained properly.  Severe, car-eating potholes going unaddressed for a month or more are not acceptable.

Lawrence then goes on to mention that us Pennsylvanians do not deserve to be forking hundreds of dollars out of pocket when we have the highest gas tax in the country.  But what are we to expect when the General Assembly passed transportation bill that was a billion dollars cheaper than what Governor Corbett’s own transportation commission called for.  This piece of legislation is a start, and I am sure it is something everyone can get behind.

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