RAGING MONDAY! Kevin Mahoney Talks with Rick Smith About His Story on Culture of Worker Abuse at Kutztown University

Last week Kevin Mahoney broke the story about the long-standing mistreatment of workers at Kutztown University that is finally coming to light after a manager quit and blew the whistle. A week later and more workers are coming forward.

The Rick Smith Show is in Chicago for the historic mayoral election between Rahm “1%”¬†Emanuel, the corporate, anti-union Democrat and¬†Jesus “Chuy” Garcia. It’s a battle between money on the one side and people on the other. As big as this election is, Raging Monday was on!

Mahoney talks to Rick about how the culture of fear and intimidation may finally be giving way to the desire to put an end to the abuse once and for all. Mahoney makes the case that we are way past the time when unions can sit back and be concerned only with servicing their members. In today’s climate, unions need to be proactive and train their members how to stand up and fight back.

This week the Rick Smith Show is broadcasting live from Chicago, but Raging Monday was still on! You can hear Rick’s interview with Kevin Mahoney right here:

Check out Rick’s full coverage of the Chicago Mayoral race RIGHT HERE:

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