Lawmaker Believes in “Partisan Instruction for Law Enforcement” Against Lawmakers Conspiracy at Wolf’s Inauguration.

No.  It’s called security you fucking idiot.

My first interaction with the new Wolf administration was on Jan. 20, inauguration day at the Capitol, as I headed out to meet some citizens who were rallying at the state Capitol to protest the new governor’s anti-Second Amendment positions. As I made my way through the Capitol complex, and the most expansive show of law enforcement that I have witnessed at the State Capitol, I was stopped by an officer. He asked me to open my coat so he could pat me down. I showed him my legislative I.D. and asked him who gave him those instructions. His pat down did not get very far, but he was more deterred by my questions than by the fact that I was a legislator.

His answer was alarming as he explained to me that if I had a Wolf inauguration badge, then he was allowed to let me pass without a pat down. What appeared to be a partisan instruction for law enforcement was an early indication of an administration that has a problem understanding, or little regard for, the rule of law.


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