C-YA Meckley! PA State Rep. Kevin Schreiber Talks with Rick Smith about Why Mr. Private Charter School, David Meckley, Resigned as District Emergency Manager | March 17, 2015

PA State Rep. Kevin Schreiber

PA State Rep. Kevin Schreiber joins Rick to talk about recent events surrounding the York city school district and resignation of the Emergency Manager.

Listen to State Representative Schreiber’s interview HERE

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  • Ron Stouffer

    Hope this comment is helpful. I only “read” Raging Chicken articles. I hate listening to radio or Rick Smith, even tho I agree with Rick Smith…..maybe others agree. Far to slow—I read very fast. Can interviews be transcribed???

    • Ron, I did transcribe some interviews a while back. It is incredibly time consuming…frankly I just couldn’t keep doing it while still trying to do my full time job and raise two little kids. Ideally, we really need to hire someone to do that work. But, as you probably could have guessed, we have very, very limited funding. Our few members and limited revenue help pay for our server space…the rest is volunteer work.

      Hopefully we will find some sustainable funding down the road to make things like transcriptions and more paid writers to cover all the actions and stories we’d like to cover.

      Thanks for the note…It’s good to know what our readers would like to see. I’ll certainly try and make this a priority.

    • Hey, Ron…I hope this will be good news…at least in part. We have an intern this spring and she had now transcribed all of the RAGING MONDAY segments I’ve done on the Rick Smith Show. Once I get a chance to review them all, I will be posting them on our site. I know it’s not all the segments, but it’s a start. Thanks for letting me know that you’d like to see some transcriptions…we’re trying hard to make it work.