SRC Chairman All Butthurt After Court Rules in Favor of Public School Teachers

We all remember what happened to the Philadelphia School Teachers last fall.  The state-controlled School Reform Commission voted to nix it’s contract with the teachers union and tried to force the already underpaid school teachers to pay for medical.

Earlier today, a local court overturned that decision and union busting SRC Chairman Bill Green is a little butthurt about the decision.  About the ruling, the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote:

SRC Chairman Bill Green, in a statement, said he was “obviously disappointed” with the ruling.

Still, he said, the SRC has “clear statutory authoirty for its action and was exercising one of the core functions for which it was created: seeking to achieve financial stability for the district amid a crisis of underfunding that prevents our schools from providing basic resources and services to students.”

Green said the SRC was still reviewing the ruling, and would “shortly determine” next steps. An ]appeal to the state Supreme Court seems likely.

And Green then went onto twitter and posted the following:


Yup.  Disappointed that you couldn’t unilaterally cancel a contract that your School Reform Commission negotiated.

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