Philadelphia Police Caught Assaulting Protester, Lied & Forced to Pay $31,000 in Damages

Score one for justice!

I am glad that fellow activist and rabble rouser Khadijah White Costley got justice from the Philadelphia Police Department.  In today’s Daily News, Helen Ubiñas reported that Khadijah White Costley was awarded $31,000 in an excessive force lawsuit filed against the Philadelphia Police Department, who was caught lying about the incident.

Ubiñas writes:

In November, a federal jury awarded Khadijah White $31,000 in a wrongful-arrest suit against several Philadelphia police officers, the commander of the Police Department’s Civil Affairs Unit and the city’s public safety director after White was arrested and injured outside the Municipal Services Building.

On March 12, 2012, White was protesting peacefully with other demonstrators outside a public hearing on the mayor’s proposed ban against feeding the homeless when a scuffle broke out between police and protesters. During the confusion White was arrested and hurt.

“One of [the officers] pulled so hard on my finger, they broke it,” White recalled.

The officers alleged that White pushed a grown, male, police officer so hard that “he fell backward into the crowd,” and that action resulted in White’s arrest and broken finger. 

But that’s not what happened.  There were 3 videos of the incident.  Two of them were shown in court and contradict the PPD’s narrative and the third video mysteriously disappeared.  The result in this case was White being awarded $31,000 from the city’s taxpayers.

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