In 2015, We’re Going to Establish a Progressive Voice in Harrisburg

Here are some “New Year’s resolutions” that I want for the Raging Chicken Press and the Rick Smith Show.

For the past year and a half, I have been working full-time hours with part time pay at a large beer distributor in suburban Philadelphia, and during that time, I have been putting money aside incase I got a job that would require me to move.  And guess what!  I am moving to Harrisburg to produce a progressive labor radio show, The Rick Smith Show.  I will be booking guests, assisting with content, doing social media work and I will getting media credentials and going to press conferences to ask people tough questions.

To help me with this whole moving process, we are running an indiegogo campaign  and the main ticket item that I will need your help with is getting a desktop computer and help me pay down the bills that I am accruing with this move.

With that being said, here are my resolutions for 2015:

  1. I want to become a better writer – or build upon the writing that I was used to.  I want to move away from the everyday blogging that I was doing while I was working at the beer distributor and get back to the barn-burning writing that I was accustomed to in college and my internship.  I want to get back to the writing and muckraking that killed Andy Dinniman’s and Tommy Tomlinson’s secessionist legislation that would split apart Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education or the writing that put a national spotlight on Jeffrey Pyle’s attempt at de-listing dozens of state specific endangered species.
  2. With the media work I’ll be doing in Harrisburg, I want to double the Raging Chicken Press’ readership and double the Rick Smith Show’s listenership.  Our readership for 2013 topped out at 167,000 unique hits and topped out at 165,000 unique hits for 2014, which I look at an accomplishment because blogging doesn’t pay and Kevin and I put a lot of extra hours from our lives into this website.
  3.   In Harrisburg, there is no progressive voice to counterbalance the talking points coming from the Commonwealth Foundation’s Pennsylvania Independent, and it’s about damn time we establish a progressive voice in the state capitol.

Have a great 2015, and lets make this a memorable year.

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  1. Anything I can do to help Sean, please let me know. I am so glad to hear you are coming to Harrisburg again. It is about time we have someone who asks the tough questions, and cannot wait for the answers.

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