Let’s Send Tom Corbett Packing: My Election Day Story

I’m going to make this short because I have to go to work in like 20 minutes, so bare with me.

Three and a half years ago after Governor Corbett proposed his first budget -the budget that gutted a billion dollars from public schools and tried to gut public higher education in half – I remember sitting in Kevin Mahoney’s – our editor – office at Kutztown University  and hearing him say:

Let’s start a blog and call it the Raging Chicken Press [sic]

His reasoning was that progressives didn’t have a place to rant and congregate in an online setting.  He launched the Raging Chicken, I joined that following winter and since then we’ve been trying to force the conversation to the left.  In my opinion we’ve done that in some areas.  The second part of this was let’s get Tom Corbett the fuck out of office.

I’ve been waiting three and a half years to vote him the fuck out, and today I was at my polling place at 7AM.  Go out, go vote, and lets give him the fucking boot!

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1 Comment on Let’s Send Tom Corbett Packing: My Election Day Story

  1. If you think that either of the two Toms running for governor in Pennsylvania, Demo-Tom and Republi-Tom, will protect you from security forces whose job it is to protect the gas industry from the exercise of YOUR civil liberties, think again.
    And think about it BEFORE you pull that voting booth lever.
    Then vote FOR your human rights, vote FOR your neighbor’s, vote FOR your community, and vote FOR the ecologies upon which it–and everything else–depends.
    Then, pick up a pencil and write in bold, clear letters “PAUL GLOVER/WENDY LEE: GREEN PARTY.”
    Is this about “throwing away your vote”? Certainly not.
    Is it about registering an effective vote for Corbett, the Republi-Tom?
    It’s about sending a clear and unambiguously loud message that you’re sick to death of two parties that are nothing but a sham to advance the objectives of corporate wealth.
    And it’s about voting for a future that’s better than merely habitable. A GREEN vote is about far more than the pablum of “sustainability”; it’s about demanding to live in a world FIT for your children.
    Vote Your Conscience.

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