My Future (Dem) Congressman Voted for TRAP Law That is Sending a Mother to Jail

As a State Representative, My future (Dem) Congressman Brendan Boyle voted for a TRAP law that closed women’s clinics around Pennsylvania and because of that vote Boyle took, a mother, who gave her daughter pills to force a miscariage because they lived 80 miles away from a women’s clinic, is facing serious jail time.

During the primary, Colleen Kennedy wrote:

This law has returned Pennsylvania to the days before the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, in which abortions still occurred, but the safety of women seeking them was not valued. The law hasn’t returned Pennsylvania to this time just figuratively; there is now actually a publicly known case that indicates this. As Rachel Maddow reported a few weeks ago, a Pennsylvania mother and nurse is now facing up to fifteen years in prison for aiding her then 16 year old daughter in purchasing the abortion pill illegally on the internet.

Jennifer Whalen purchased the pill after her daughter told her of the pregnancy back in 2012, right after clinics began to close, thanks to Act 122. In Pennsylvania, minors must receive consent from their parents before they can terminate a pregnancy, so up until this point, Whelan and her daughter had been following the letter of the law. They looked for a clinic, and when they found that the closest available facility was over 75 miles away, Whalen, as a nurse, did what thousands of women had done in this situation decades in the past – she found other methods.

Whalen did not get 15 years in prison, but did get sentenced to 18 months in prison.  Brendan Boyle hasn’t been elected to the US House yet and already has a blemish on his record.

However, the person I voted for in the PA 13 primary, is doing something about that law:

State Sen. Daylin Leach said Wednesday that abortions need to be more accessible and affordable or tragedy will strike.

Leach’s comments come on the heels of a central Pennsylvania woman being sentenced to prison for giving her pregnant daughter pills designed to trigger a miscarriage.

He said the case highlights that things need to change in the commonwealth.

“This woman could have died. You don’t want people taking medications whether they got it over the Internet or whatever. They don’t know what they’re doing,” Leach said.

Sometimes the best candidate doesn’t win because he’s an actual person, not a political machine hack.

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