Sean – you are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts. Calling Boyle a “machine hack” is absurd. Boyle won city portions of PA 13 where the party supported Margolies by as much as he did where he was the endorsed candidate. Boyle won the 42, 53rd, 56th, 66th and 35th wards with respectively 53%, 58%, 59%, 78% and 66%. Boyle has taken on powerful machine leaders like John Sabatina and consistently won. He and his brothers success should serve as an inspiration. If you don’t believe me please consult various press accounts of the fractious relations between the Boyles and the machine in various Chris Brennan articles in the Daily News, the machine run Public Record and the Northeast Times. The facts don’t lie. The election is four months over. You would be a more astute blogger and observer if you stopped your bizarre anti Boyle spin and accepted reality and also the preferred choice of over 40% of the Democratic primary electorate in PA 13.