#PAGov: Is Tom Corbett’s Pension Reform Tour a Bunch of Taxpayer Funded Campaign Events?

Here are some screenshots from Governor Corbett’s official account “@GovernorCorbett” and his campaign account “@CorbettForGov.”  A couple of days ago The Patriot News wrote:

If anyone should know the fine line between official and campaign business, it’s perhaps Gov. Tom Corbett, whose investigation of Capitol corruption during his tenure as Attorney General put more than 20 people behind bars and buoyed his run for the office he now holds.

But supporters of Corbett’s Democratic opponent in his bid for reelection say they aren’t so sure.

The Campaign for Fresh Start, a PAC supporting York County businessman Tom Wolf, on Wednesday sent tweets in which they noted Corbett campaign staff attended Gov. Corbett’s taxpayer-funded pension reform promotion event.

The hashtag? #whoops

The group also posted screen-captures from Corbett’s official twitter page,@GovernorCorbett, and his campaign twitter account, @Corbettforgov. Between 11:15 and 11:22 a.m., both accounts had tweeted pictures of Corbett on one of his latest pension reform stops – at a senior center in Bucks County.

As the article goes onto explain, it’s certainly legal, but the optics of this are pretty crappy.  Governor Corbett hasn’t had many, maybe any, major legislative victories to campaign on.  He couldn’t push through school vouchers, Voter ID and Act 13 were eviscerated by the State Supreme Court, and now with a few months to go in the general, Governor Corbett is campaigning on something that he probably won’t be able to deliver on.  Plus, this pension reform issue is another way of going after public school teachers, which is part of that image problem Governor Corbett is trying to change.

You be the judge.

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