#PAGov: Another PAC Hits Corbett on Eduation and Natural Gas Record

That’s rich folks, another Political Action Committee, Pennsylvania Families First, is taking a swing at Governor Tom Corbett’s education cuts and his handouts to the natural gas industry.  This ad is still scratching at the surface of Governor Corbett’s horrible education and natural gas record.  The governor has cut over a billion from public education and those cuts, and the refusal to restore those cuts, have cost 20,000 teachers their jobs.  On  top of that, the natural gas industry has enjoyed 4 years of no taxes.

Since I am away and am blogging from my tablet, I don’t have wifi where I am at, I will provide you with a direct link to the viceo.

Pa Families First website – http://www.pafamfirst.com

Paycheck video – http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0cY9X-CKMaI

Grab the popcorn because it’s only July 21st and we’ll be seeing moe and more videos like this.

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2 Comments on #PAGov: Another PAC Hits Corbett on Eduation and Natural Gas Record

  1. PA Families First, a coalition of the Democratic Governors Association and labor unions, began airing the ad last Tuesday. The ad accuses Corbett of cutting education aid, forcing school districts to lay off employees and raise property taxes while he refused to make the “oil and gas industry pay their fair share.”

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