#PaGov: Pirates Fans Think Tom Corbett’s Education Policy is “Fracked Up”

The NextGen Climate Super PAC released another video attacking, what else, Tom Corbett’s natural gas and education policy.  In the video, canvassers were asking Pittsburgh Pirates fans to stick “fracked up stickers” on Governor Corbett’s face.  Throughout the video, the canvassers brought up these three claims:

  1. The governor has refused to tax the oil and gas industry.  This is pretty simple, instead of placing a severance tax on the natural gas industry, which would send revenues to the general fund, the governor and the republican controlled House and Senate came up with the impact fee, which only helps townships where the industry is thriving.
  2. “Governor Corbett let the oil and gas industry for $24 billion while cutting funding for public education.  This claim comes from how much royalties Pennsylvania will lose over a 20 year period.  According to Reuters, “the loss of revenues to the state over the next 20 years using the “impact fee” could be approximately $24 billion using current gas prices. If gas prices doubled (they are currently at 10-year lows), losses to the state could exceed $48 billion or more.”  Literally giving away billions of dollars. The second part of the claim is pretty self explanatory.  The governor cut public education by 1.2 billion in his first budget.
  3. “Did you know Governor Corbett took $1.7 million in campaign contributions from big oil and gas?”
  4. “Every natural gas producing state has a severance tax besides Pennsylvania.  Corbett refuses to let them pay their fair share.”  Pretty self explanatory.

At the Raging Chicken Press, we’ve been blogging and writing about Governor Corbett’s cuts to public education and public higher education and how they are connected to his handouts to the natural gas industry since the day we started.  Literally.  It’s been a narrative that we and others have been writing about for years now.  Governor Corbett can try to whitewash that image all he wants, but it’s becoming pretty apparent that the simple formula of Tom Corbett + Natural Gas Handouts + attacks on public education = endless campaign material is what voters are going to see the most.  It’s only July and this is the 4th political ad of this kind against the governor.  I don’t doubt that there will be more.


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