#PAGov: Corbett Deadenders Can Say Whatever They Want, It Still Won’t Matter

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Tom Corbett’s numbers have been in the shitter for most of his time in office, and anything that Chris Pack, the communications director for Tom Corbett’s reelection campaign, says or does won’t matter because of the public’s distaste for Governor Corbett.  As the election gets close and polls are released and as more articles like this and this are published, attacks against Tom Wolf from Chris Pack, the Corbett Campaign, Megan Sweeney from the PA GOP and other Corbett Deadenders are going to become more and more outrageous as they will continue to fall on deaf ears.  Their attacks will be like trees falling in a forest, a loud crash with no one around to hear it.  Sit back and grab the popcorn.

Here are some classics from Chris Pack and his merry band of Corbett Deadenders…

On Tom Steyer…

“Tom Steyer is a hypocrite who made his fortune by investing in the coal industry who is now waging a war on coal because it will benefit him financially,” Communications Director Chris Pack stated.

On pension reform…

“As the media knows all too well, Secretary Tom Wolf continues to dodge answering any questions that are asked of him,” said Chris Pack, communications director for the Corbett campaign.  “We hope that Secretary Tom Wolf studies False Start PA’s video that shows a textbook manner in which to respond to a question – by simply answering it.” 

On Fresh Start:

“It’s funny just how easily millionaire Secretary Tom Wolf is willing to abandon his supposed principles and morals in his race for Governor. Just two short months ago, Secretary Wolf said he wouldn’t run negative ads because it’s not who he was. You’ve got to hand it to Secretary Tom Wolf for selling out his personal principles more quickly than he agreed to sell out taxpayers on behalf of public sector unions who have pumped $1.13 million dollars into his campaign coffers to get him to keep quiet on pension reform that would lower our property taxes.”

Megan Sweeney on Fresh Start

“Another day, another shadowy, special interest group doing the talking for Tom Wolf. Tom Wolf can use his fake Democrat Party to release as many misleading ads as he wants, but it doesn’t change the fact that he has yet to come clean on the questions surrounding his campaign. Tom Wolf definitely has the special interest support but without answers to critical issues like budget, pensions and his company’s finances, Pennsylvanians still have too many questions about him.”


Here’s a Corbett Deadender

Another Deadender…

This is just a sample of the #PAGov hashtag, but when you have a 22 point advantage over your opponent, all you have to do is let the losing team talk for themselves. 

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