#PAGov: Corbett at Pension Reform Presser: “We’re only Going After NEW Teachers”

Photo Credit: Keystone Politics

Governor Corbett faces hecklers?  Never….

Earlier today in the Lehigh Valley, a retired, or current, teacher asked Governor Corbett about pension reform and while being heckled, the Governor said that they’re going after “new teachers.”  In other words, Governor Corbett wants more well educated Pennsylvanians to leave Pennsylvania because of the shitty atmosphere he and his republican colleagues have created.

Oh and someone called out how Tom Corbett LOVES the Marcellus Shale.  This is just the beginning…

h/t Politics PA

In the video, Gov. Corbett smiles as he calls on a male attendee for the final question of the conference. The man stands up and starts with “Gov. Corbett – We love our teachers.” Corbett responds “Absolutely,” and all heads turn as a woman to the left states loudly, “Clearly you don’t.”

The man goes on to say that Lehigh Valley residents don’t want Corbett “messing with their retirement pensions.” Loud applause covers the tail end of the man’s comments, making it difficult to discern if he even asked a question at all.

As Corbett attempts to explain that his pension reform would apply only to new teachers, not those already working, another female voice, possibly belonging to the same woman, yells “You love Marcellus Shale more,” and the male who originally accused Corbett of attacking teachers responds “What makes you think we don’t love our new upcoming teachers?”



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2 Comments on #PAGov: Corbett at Pension Reform Presser: “We’re only Going After NEW Teachers”

  1. Corbett is an ALEC puppet. He will say and do anything they have in their little play book. He is shameless, but, my guess is, when retired, he will reflect upon the evil he perpetrated on the teachers and the children of this Commonwealth just so he could become a politician and a “governor”and he will likely feel an uneasiness and sleezyness in his soul. Much like a prostitute possibly feels in the end—although Corbett had other choices, other options–unlike prostitutes and other desperate people with few options in life. Corbett will not be able to look his own family in the eyes because he knows deep within what a lie his whole career has been. In the end, one supposes him to be a desperate man, a man lacking any character or integrity, even though he KNEW better–and maybe I am giving him far more credit than he deserves to say this. What a sad legacy he leaves. Was it all worth it, Mr. Corbett?

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