Daylin Leach’s Next Move: Recruiting Progressives to Run for Office

After Daylin Leach’s 13th Congressional Primary defeat, the state senator from Montgomery County is turning that defeat into something useful.  He wants to establish a Political Action Committee that recruits progressives to run for office.

Since the end of my Congressional campaign, hundreds of people have written to me to ask what I’m going to do next. After all, we have thousands of supporters in all 50 states who want to see the causes important to progressives move forward. The one thing we can all agree on is that the single best way to move progressive causes forwarded is to elect progressive candidates.

As I contemplate the best way to do that I have been trying to assess what would have helped me as a progressive candidate, and one thing jumps out: As others have recognized, early money and support is crucial to helping nascent campaigns get off the ground and to recruiting quality liberal candidates.

Ultimately, many great liberal organizations got involved in my race and were enourmously helpful. But I was campaigning with only the support of a few courageous organizations for a full year before I received the bulk of the liberal institutional support. A progressive group with credibility, resources, and access to a network of activists and potential supporters could be extremely useful. It could vet and recruit progressive candidates, and put the best of them, with the greatest chance of winning, in touch with a large group of like-minded, politically committed donors and advisors.

So I am going to explore the feasibility of organizing such a group. There is much to do; guage interest, raise money, set up a PAC, recruit a board of directors, develop a political model, etc. And that is what I am going to do for the next few weeks.

I am not asking for anything from you at this juncture, other than any thoughts you may have as to how to make this idea a success. I will keep you posted as events unfold. Thank you for your past support of my campaign, and for your commitment to the causes which improve the lives of so many around our nation and the world.

Thank you for always being there, and I’m looking forward to an exciting future!


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