Why Pennsylvania Will Be Progressive In One Chart

This chart


explains three things.

1) This chart shows the voter registration differences between Republicans and Democrats in the last four major presidential elections.

2) A republican will never win Pennsylvania is a presidential election.  Republicans haven’t won Pennsylvania since Reagan and will never win the state again.

3) This is why progressives should organize now and play the long game.



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2 Comments on Why Pennsylvania Will Be Progressive In One Chart

  1. And Monroe County (for a long time a Republican stronghold) in NEPA is now majority Democratic registered voters (46,760). We have an over 15,000 majority then Republicans (31,452) and 18,985 Independents and others. But we need to get these Democrats (and progressive Independents) out to vote. I’m hoping that the chance to rid our Commonwealth of the plague of Corbett will light a fire under people, and no one takes Tom Wolf’s victory for granted. If we don’t defeat the Republicans this election look for them to revisit their attempt to cheat to deprive a Democrat from the Presidency in 2016.

  2. With equitable redistricting, sooner rather than later this state will turn Deep Blue. With ballot reform we’ll make it Green.

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