Major Reforms Hit PA Courts

In this video from Counterpoint PA, the only grassroots progressive newscast exclusively about Pennsylvania politics, I explain some recently announced major reforms to Pennsylvania courts including a ban on judges hiring family and campaign donors, a requirement that judges disqualify themselves from cases involving campaign donors, and a ban on judges serving on corporate boards, providing some often hard-to-believe context along the way of examples of real judicial behavior in the state that these reforms would have prevented (or at least punished).

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For a transcript, links to the sources used in this story, or to browse the show’s categorized video archive, go to (Go here if you want to go right to the post for this video.)Stay in touch on Twitter @CounterpointPA and on Facebook at and stay tuned throughout January for the rest of this month’s show.

For those who have watched before, you may have noticed that in the past I have always put out an entire show (at least four PA Headlines, plus the more in-depth The Breakdown and Olbermann-style Worst Pennsylvanians of the Week) in the span of a week. I’m loosening up the schedule now to spread the videos out more, so now videos will come out throughout the month. For more details on format changes to the show and why I made them, check out this post from the show’s site.

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