Rick Smith Talks with UK-Based Labor Organization about Building Worker Solidarity

Back in September Rick Smith spoke with Union Solidarity International – a Glasgow, Scotland based organization that “aims to build grassroots international union solidarity using the latest technology” (We just came across the interview today). It will not surprise regular readers of Raging Chicken Press that an international labor organization devoted to building global activist networks would be paying attention to the work of the Harrisburg, PA – based Rick Smith Show. The Rick Smith Show is one of the only daily radio/web shows devoted to everyday struggles of working people in Pennsylvania and across the country.

We wanted to post this discussion between Rick Smith and Walton Pantland of Union Solidarity International especially because they discuss the critical importance of building a progressive media infrastructure that resists the relentless drumbeat of austerity and worker organization. From our perspective, we need even more voices like Rick Smith on our airways who are unbought and unafraid to fight the march of corporatization and privatization brought to you by the Right wing and corporate Democrats.

If you are not already listening to the Rick Smith Show, you should do yourself a favor and start. IF you want a good introduction to the show, check out last night’s show in which Rick speaks to Colleen Kennedy about her Raging Chicken Press about corruption and neglect in the Upper Darby School District published last week (Colleen’s interview begins around 00:50:00)/

And, if you want to do your part in helping support the kind of work Rick is doing, consider making a donation or becoming a member for as little as $5/month – click the subscribe button right on their webpage. For now, check out the interview:



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