Local Democrat Uses Governor Corbett for “Get Out the Vote” Mailer (Photo)

Scott Freda, who is running for Horsham Township Council, is using Governor Corbett as a political punching bag for his get out the vote campaign mailer.  The mailer, which was paid for “Freda for Horsham,” links Governor Corbett to Tea Party stalwarts Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin, and the House Speaker John Boehner.  The front page of the mailer has Corbett classics like the failed budget negotiations last spring and the Commonwealth’s horrid jobs growth number.  The flipside shows that unemployment rate in Horsham, my township, has gone up 125% under GOP leadership.  One fun fact is that Republicans have had control of the Horsham council for the past 100 years.

Maybe this is just a precursor to 2014???

Corbett1 copy corbett2

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