Commonwealth Foundation Uses Public School Scandal to Argue for Privatization on False Premise of Accountability

In this edition of Counterpoint PA’s special homage to Keith Olbermann, the Worst Pennsylvanians of the Week, the runner-up is Bob Dick of the Commonwealth Foundation who wrote a blog suggesting that one Pennsylvania public school district with financial troubles paying for an expensive retreat proves the state needs to replace public schools with private cyber and charter schools. What he fails to mention is that in Pennsylvania private schools are less accountable than public schools, not more, as illustrated by the millions of dollars in public funds used for lavish personal expenses (literally including an airplane!) by a former head of PA Cyber Charter School (and the state auditor general’s comments about them). Why can’t they conjure a convincing case for replacing public schools with private schools? This isn’t the first time the Commonwealth Foundation has settled for a patently absurd argument to avoid avowing their anti-government extremist ideology. For all the details:

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