State Rep Paul Clymer Calls Corbettcare “Generous” & Believes 700,000 Insured Voters Will Create Shortage of Physicians

The editor of the Raging Chicken Press, Kevin Mahoney, was in contact with his State Representative, Paul Clymer, and posted Clymer’s response to a blog I wrote about Governor Corbett’s Corbettcare Expansion, which would give public money to private insurance companies and add work requirements in order for the poor and unemployed to recieve what was supposed to be public healthcare.

In the email, Clymer wrote:

Dear Kevin,

The Medicaid benefits in Pennsylvania are more generous than in other states. Presently, there are 2.2 million of our citizens on Medicaid and this does NOT include the CHIP program.

There is a great deal of uncertainty regarding the federally sponsored medical program under the Affordable Health Care Act. For example, states would receive reimbursement for two years. Then, the states would be responsible for the cost, which will run into millions of dollars.

By adding another 700,000 citizens to Medicaid, will there be sufficient resources? Will physicians treat these additional patients?

There are other concerns Pennsylvania has to consider before deciding to join the list of states indicating their desire to accept the federal Medicaid program.

State Representative
145th Legislative District”


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