Governor Tom Corbett picks up new gig: Guest Blogger for (not a Joke…), the media outlet that publishes storied from the Philadelphia Daily News and the Philadelphia Inquirer, has just announced that Governor Tom Corbett will become a contributor for the media outlet.  The article titled “ aanounces Gov. Tom Corbett joins ‘The New Voices’ platform of notable contributors,” reported that:

Governor Corbett, a life-long Pennsylvania resident, served as Assistant U.S. Attorney, U.S. Attorney, Chair of the Pennsylvania Commission of Crime and Delinquency and Pennsylvania Attorney General before becoming the 46th Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 2011. Throughout his career in public service, Corbett has served as an advisor to Governors and Presidents.

Governor Corbett’s participation in “The New Voices” platform of’s notable contributors will be available in the form of photo essays, videos and columns, highlighting the Governor’s perspective in addressing state issues of importance to Philadelphians.

The same article goes on to describe that Philadelphians “will be excited to receive the latest policy news from Harrisburg, directly from the Governor.”  As a response to his new gig, the governor said “I am happy to be a part of’s new platform, and allow Pennsylvanians to hear about some of the important issues facing the commonwealth.”

According to a short Q & A posted on the website, Tommy Boy describes himself as an “honest,” and “loyal” person who stands up for what he believes in.  He goes on to describe that he was a high school teacher (for 1 year), an athlete in college and born in the city he and his party sees as a wart on a witches face, Philadelphia.

What’s not reported on the website though are some titles for his first blog piece, so here are some suggestions: “Jerry and Me”; “Audrey and Tom: A True Love Story”; “The Marcellus Candidate.”


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1 Comment on Governor Tom Corbett picks up new gig: Guest Blogger for (not a Joke…)

  1. As if his industrial backers can’t get him enough places to speak his side of his representation of resource sales instead of industrial and educational growth in PA. Those in charge of PA’s large papers will now give him free reign and space.

    This man makes so many statements that are not well thought at best and at worst and exposure of the ignorance of an elitist to be given this platform is another nail in the coffin of a once fine news organization.

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