Thousands of Philly Students Hit Streets to Stop School Closings

In the video below, you can see thousands of Philadelphia public school students funneling into city hall looks like.  Around 3,000 to 5,000 students walked out of class from at least 15 of the city’s schools. During their march, they had to funnel through a hallway to get into City Hall’s atrium.  It was loud and deafening when students were going through the hallway and it was probably one of the most symbolic moments  I’ve witnessed during a demonstration in a really long time.  Enjoy!

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3 Comments on Thousands of Philly Students Hit Streets to Stop School Closings

  1. Hey.

    Great video. But I would suggest decreasing that total you have posted. 5,000 kids? No way. Maybe at THE most a thousand. I just don’t know if we were participating in the same march when you write something like that.

      • I wonder. A lot of times people exaggerate to make either their coverage of the event worthwhile or to pat themselves on the back. Maybe there was 2 thousand people on the street. But it seems like much.

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