Pennsylvania State Government Still Trying to Confuse Potential Voters over Voter ID Law.

PA Voter ID Ad from Examiner Website

While researching my next story, I came across an advertisement from “VotesPA” – the state ran voter registration portal.  This ad is clearly misleading because the Pennsylvania Voter ID law will not be implemented for this election cycle.  When I clicked on the advertisement (the photo below), I was directed to the main website.

PA Voter ID Ad from Examiner Website

After being redirected to the “VotesPA” website, you can clearly see that the state of Pennsylvania is trying to muddy the waters on this highly controversial issue.  Remember folks, you do NOT need an ID to vote this election day.  Beware fake “poll advisers” telling you otherwise this Tuesday.

VotesPA main website.

Sean Kitchen is an Assistant Editor and Social Media Organizer for Raging Chicken Press. He is student at Kutztown University.

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1 Comment on Pennsylvania State Government Still Trying to Confuse Potential Voters over Voter ID Law.

  1. The front page of the VotesPA website appears to be an accurate statement of the current situation. Poll workers are required to ask for photo ID. If the voter refuses or does not have ID, we are to say, Okay, and proceed with the voting process. As was explained to us in training, some voters went through a lengthy and rigorous process to secure the needed ID, are going to want to display it, and will be upset if they are made to feel that they went to all that trouble for nothing. Others will be angry and/or defiant and refuse to show ID, even if they have it. Our goal is to keep the voting process moving as smoothly and with as little disruption as possible. So both parts of the statement on the website are true: the vote will be asked for ID, and the voter will not be required to display ID.

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