The REAL Reason Wisconsin Failed To Recall Scott Walker | Lee Camp MOC #147


Lee Camp is a stand-up comic. …Sometimes people make him write things too. He’s a contributor to The Onion and has performed stand-up comedy at events featuring Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Al Gore.

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1 Comment on The REAL Reason Wisconsin Failed To Recall Scott Walker | Lee Camp MOC #147

  1. I love to hear losers cry. Weird that Wisconsin is now not in a budget deficit. Did he pay off the states debt with all the money he stole? 8 to 1 out spending is a flat out lie. The unions brought in all kinds of money and people from out of state. He must have got that info from one of his ‘alternative news sources’. I hope he makes another, its a joy to hear such a vulgar idiot cry. I also love that he calls all the people in Wisconsin idiots. How many times do you lose before you have to admit the people have spoken. I dont care how much money someone spends, if I know the truth about something they could spend a billion and im not going to change my opinion about it. If people really want to know the truth about something I suppose they should get off their ass and find out. How long do you people think the States and the Federal Government can keep their budgets in deficits and keep from total collapse or bankruptcy? Or is that what you all want, maybe then you could replace the Constitution with some idiot socialist government where no one has anything. Or maybe one where everyone starves except the ruling elite. You all ought to look at some of the other countries around the world where poor people are really poor, you know the communist or socialist ones where people really dont have a say. Things arent perfect here and we have work to do but the system we have is the best one ever in the history of the Earth. No other country has ever been more free or helped the world more than the U.S. There are hard times coming and we are all going to face major problems which mean people will have to do without. There are rich people and they wont suffer as bad. Get over it, life isnt fair all the time.

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