Occupy Wall Street Arrests: The Story of Molly and John Knefel co-hosts of Radio Dispatch

Editor’s Note: A couple of days ago, Gabriel Bly from NYC’s BreakThru Radio got in touch with Raging Chicken Press concerning the arrest of John Knefel, one of their DJ’s and host of BreakThru Radio’s News show, Radio Dispatch. You many have caught John’s sister and co-host, Molly Knefel on the Keith Olbermann show on December 13th about the arrests and attempts by the police to suppress independent media coverage of Occupy Wall Street. Here is a piece of the email from Gabriel:

Our very own DJ John Knefel, stand up comedian and co-host of our news show Radio Dispatch, was arrested on Dec 12 during a peaceful Occupy Wall Street protest. John was taking video of the protesters and live-tweeting the scene, when he was subsequently arrested (with 17 others) for observing the scene and held in jail for an astounding 37 hours. His sister and co-host, Molly, questioned the arrest, and wrote about her experience on Salon.com and also appeared on Keith Olbermann to talk about the arrests.

Hear the story of John’s arrest and his and Molly’s experiences with the NYPD on an all new Radio Dispatch: http://bit.ly/rwYO3V

John and Molly Knefel have been covering the Occupy movement since the beginning on Sept 17 and are strong voices in the OWS community. Let us know what you think, and please feel free to repost these special editions to your sites to share John and Molly’s stories as independent journalists dealing with the NYPD.

Here is the video just released by Molly and John Knefel (yes, you do have to sit through a Navy recruiting commercial):


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