Occupy Everything

Dress up like some dead queen, blow pot smoke in a banker’s face and insufflate some pilfered pill. Wear black.  Burn your books and write a new one; when you’ve finished, burn that too.  Give acid to the needy. Rob the addicts, shove the weak out of the way, fill the prisons and tickle the guards.  Paint signs with blood, tattoo the elderly, ride the subway drunk and disorderly and pass out in someone’s vacant wheelchair.  Shave your head and draw a target on your back.  Collect red lighters.  Learn Chinese.  Carve your name on a urinal cake.  Shake hands with the homeless guy and give him all your hash.  Mourn the dead.  Tear the flag, wrap the stripes around your arm and shoot the stars into your veins. Turn red, then white, then blue.

Caitlin Turner


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