Out d’Coup Podcast for October 25, 2019

Out d’Coup | Justice Eats Itself; House GOP Stunt; Sanders and AOC; Warren on CTU Line; Biden Tanks x 2; Mack Trucks; PA Charter Appeals Board; Heartbeat Bill; Quantum Breakthrough; Free Will Releases

Trump’s Justice Department prepares to eat itself. Turns out Bill Barr’s globetrotting was part of an agenda to prop up right-wing conspiracy theories about the origin of the Russia probe. Look out, Deep State. Looks like Matt Taibbi’s claim from a couple of weeks ago that we are in a “permanent coup,” does not sound so crazy right about now. 

Republicans pull media stunt to distract media attention from Tuesday’s closed-door testimony by the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, Bill Tayor. The House Intelligence Committee was preparing to depose Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary, Laura Cooper, about the expanding Ukraine scandal when over 40 House Republicans burst into the confidential hearing room and made a scene. 14 of those members already had access to the hearing room, making their claims about being excluded a bit rich. Scott Perry was one!

Bernie Sander’s gets a huge endorsement from AOC and Michael Moore. His Queens rally last Saturday saw crowds of around 30,000 people…the largest campaign rally of the political season. 

Then, Sanders tells Ryan Grim of The Intercept that if elected, he would revive criminal prosecutions of Corporate CEOs, using long-neglected provisions of the Sherman Act. 

Elizabeth Warren joined Chicago teachers on the picket lines this week. 

Biden’s fundraising atrophies as some in Democratic Party donor class start to beg for a Super PAC they can dump their money into. Biden was a bit distracted this week, though. He and his campaign forgot to buy the web address…and the social media accounts…for his Latinx outreach campaign. Todos con Biden. Now Trump owns it. Now if you go to TodosConBiden.com, it takes you to Latinos for Trump. 

And a surging Pete Buttigieg hires former Goldman Sachs Exec to run his policy shop. 

More wildfires erupt in California after a PG&E transmission line broke and set the Sonoma County fire ablaze. Over 50,000 residents have had to evacuate.

A judge holds Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, in contempt for forcing students scammed by Corinthian Colleges. The judge orders DeVos to pay a $100,000 fine. 

Mitch McConnell gets the cold shoulder from a pallbearer at Elijah Cummings’s memorial service. Trump all class once again as he decided to skip the memorial service…not that he was missed. 

Mack Trucks strike ends this morning. Details of the agreement have not been released, but it looks like workers held the line on keeping jobs in the U.S. 

It’s groundhogs day at the Charter Appeals Board!  The CAB’s dysfunction is so bad it has one charter school asking CAB members to deny their appeal so they can pack up, get out of the board’s purgatory and get their appeal into Commonwealth Court. 

Senator Mastriano and Representative Borowicz introduced the 6-week abortion ban this week in front of a packed media center.

Researchers at Google AI Quantum and researchers at UC Santa Barbara said they achieved a long-hoped-for milestone in quantum computing: “Quantum Supremacy.” Their newly published paper shows that their prototype quantum computer could perform a complex math problem that would take today’s supercomputers about 10,000 years to complete. 

This morning, NASA Chief Administrator, Jim Bridenstine, took to the LiveStream to talk about the Artemis Moon Mission slated for 2024

Free Will Brewing release news. 

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