Out d’Coup for October 4, 2019


Out d’Coup | Trump Treason; Day One Agenda; Sanders Hospitalized; Warren Surges; Yang Up 257 Percent; Bernie’s Fundraising; Eric Levitz; PA Pot; PA Joins Climate Group; Free Will Releases; Sputnik

Trump doubles-down on enlisting foreign countries to interfere in U.S. 2020 election. What else did you expect? 

The American Prospect releases their “Day One Agenda,” detailing all the actions that a progressive Democratic president could take without executive orders. That’s right, David Dayen and the crew over at the American Prospect did in a couple of months what the Democratic Party leadership should have been doing for years.

Bernie Sanders was briefly hospitalized due to chest pains after a campaign event on Tuesday. He had two stents inserted and seems to be recovering well. We wish him all the best. Elizabeth Warren’s response? Send dinner to his campaign staffers, because that’s what human beings do. 

Speaking of Warren, new polls find Warren surging ahead of Biden in the early primary states of New Hampshire, Iowa, and California. And for the first time, Warren has edged out Biden in several national polls

Polling is one thing, organization and fundraising are another. On Tuesday, Bernie Sanders’s campaign announced it had raised $25.3 million over the past three months, more than any other candidate in any other quarter. By contrast, Biden’s fundraising fell off a cliff, falling behind Bernie, Pete Buttigieg’s $19.1 million. That represents a 30% drop off for Biden. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign has yet to announce their numbers. The big surprise was Andrew Yang whose fundraising jumped 257%, which translates into about $10 million for the third quarter. Yang called out MSNBC and CNN for excluding his campaign from their on-screen graphics while including Cory Booker who only raised $6 million. 

And, Eric Levitz was on the Majority Report this week talking about his article “The Bernie vs. Warren Debate We Need.” A key argument he makes is that policies on the left are what are both sensible and required at this moment in history. However, he also cautions that the left – in particular, the socialist left in America – can be heavy on superstructure, light on base. That is, as much influence the left has had, we need to be clear about the limits of our organizational base. 

Montana saw upwards of four feet of snow last weekend and Ireland is spared the worst of Hurricane Lorenzo, as the once-powerful Category 4 hurricane is downgraded to a post-tropical storm, still carrying winds of 80 mph. 

Pennsylvania bill would legalize marijuana and make the state the sole seller in the state. As you’ve heard Sean argue on this podcast before, House Bill 1899 would put the sale of pot under the umbrella of the PA Liquor Control Board. 

Gov. Tom Wolf signed an executive order on Thursday directing the Dept. of Environmental Protection to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and implement a cap-and-trade program for carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. That means PA will finally join 9 other Northeast states to take more aggressive climate action. 

SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania joined with the Shutdown Berks Coalition to call for the closure of the Berks County Immigration detention center

On this day in 1957, Sputnik 1 becomes the first human-made satellite to orbit the Earth. 

Free Will releases this week. Hop Nugz, Hop Blend 2 – No Boil IPA brewed in collaboration with our friends at Imprint Beer Company and Wolf Brewing Co. Several bottles in their flower series – like Lilac, Chamomile, and Honeysuckle. Free Will will also release their Paw Paw Saison on Saturday. If you’re lucky, they might have some of their first stout of the season left on tap as well. Hunter’s Brunch – Oatmeal Stout brewed with a marris otter malt base and oats.

Photo credit: “Rooster” by Robert Kocher is licensed under CC BY 2.0  Cropped.

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