Out d’Coup for September 23, 2019


Out d’Coup | Climate Strikes; UN Climate Action Summit; U California Divests; AOC Turns Up Impeachment Heat; Tuition-Free NM; Turzai Fumbles @ DeVos Event; Scamming Vets; Free Will Releases; Fleabag

Historic climate strikes around the world have put the issue of climate change front and center. More than 4 million people around the world took to the streets. While climate strikers filled the streets, GOP leadership was in private meetings with the fossil fuel industries. According to The Intercept, “On September 18 and 19, as Thunberg met with lawmakers, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., hosted fundraisers with oil and gas lobbyists to raise cash for the Scalise Leadership Fund, a political action committee used to dole out cash for battleground House races across the country.”

Today is the U.N. Climate Summit in New York City. International leaders are signaling they will make new “concrete” emissions reductions. The United States is not expected to join the rest of the world.

Texas drowning again under one of the wettest storms in U.S. history. Tropical storm Imelda dumped up to 42 inches of rain on Southeastern Texas and has caused at least 5 deaths. The University of California system announces it is ending all investments in fossil fuels. UC’s divestment is the largest fossil fuel divestment yet. According to Vox, “By the end of September, the UC’s $70 billion pension fund and $13.4 billion endowment will no longer hold any stakes in companies involved with extracting fossil fuels.”  And, California is suing the Trump administration over auto emission standards. 

The Trump administration ignored reports from officials from the Customs and Border Protection that climate change is one of the key factors driving record immigration from Central America.

AOC makes the case that Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to get behind impeachment is a bigger scandal then Trump’s lawlessness. 

New Mexico announces a plan to give all residents tuition-free college regardless of income. 

Weekly rant on left forgetting that power lies with the people, not political messiahs.

63% of Pennsylvania 10th congressional district voters believe in climate change, but Scott Perry recently signed off supporting resolutions attacking the Paris Accords. 

PA Senator Mike Fomer has resigned following being charged with possession of child pornography. 

Betsy DeVos was in Harrisburg on Thursday to visit Harrisburg Catholic Elementary School and promote school vouchers, but it was House Speaker Mike Turzai who sucked all of the air out of the building as he called a retired school teacher “special interest people” who don’t care about the children. 

Victory Media scams vets. 

APSCUF notifies its members that they have reached an “agreement in principle” on their expired contract. Now members will have to wait and see if the leadership can turn principles into contract language. Members have little idea about what principles have been agreed to. We shall see. Of the agreement, APSCUF President Ken Mash said:

“I believe that the agreement in principle represents a historic advance in the process of creating a shared vision of how our universities should operate to best serve our students.”  Looks like we’re in a new era of Silicon Valley win-win discourse – or, as Anand Giridharadas has dubbed it, “the elite charade of changing the world.”

 Free Will had some freaking awesome releases this past weekend. 

Fleabag scored big at the Emmy’s.

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