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Out d’Coup | Biden’s No Good Really Bad Week; Warren Rocks It; Picket Line Bernie; DNC Clueless; Wolf Doubles Down on Fossil Fuel; Daylin Daze; EITC Scam; Summer Lee’s PAC; Space News; Free Will

Time to party like it’s 1988!  Joe Biden, yes that Joe Biden, was caught plagiarizing parts of his climate change plan.  Hitting control C and control V on your keyboard is not an acceptable climate change plan. The worst thing is that he’s plagiarizing from a Fossil Fuel industry-backed organization, the Carbon Capture Coalition as well as the labor and environmental group the BlueGreen Alliance.

And this week, Biden says he’s for repealing the Hyde Amendment, then he’s against it. This morning his campaign says he’s for repeal again. He must have been watching Elizabeth Warren’s town hall on Wednesday and decided to steal some her strategy too. Recall that the Hyde Amendment poor, working class, and young women from using government-backed health insurance to help pay for safe and legal abortion. Speaking of Warren’s town hall, that’s how you do it. Democrats should take lessons in how to answer questions from Warren.

Meanwhile, Bernie went to Wal-Mart shareholders meeting while calling on supporters to show up on picket lines in support of striking graduate student workers at the University of Chicago.

The DNC is out on the vanguard again, saying they will absolutely not hold a debate on climate change that has been called for by Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) and former Obama cabinet official Julián Castro, along with the Sunrise movement. Worse still, the DNC threatened to ban Inslee from the official DNC debates is he participated in a debate on climate change held by another organization. Tom Perez must have missed a new report out of Australia says that “planetary and human systems [are] reaching a ‘point of no return’ by mid-century, in which the prospect of a largely uninhabitable Earth leads to the breakdown of nations and the international order.”

Democrats fail to consider the political costs of NOT impeaching Trump. We’ll see how long Pelosi can stick to her line that she doesn’t want to impeach Trump, she wants him in prison.

David Dayen’s got a great new piece in the latest edition of In These Times on how Amazon is taking over our lives. It’s an excellent report and analysis on why we’ve got to limit the power of these mega-corporations.

A new report from the accounting group Deloitte shows that the net worth of Americans between the age of 18 and 35 has dropped 34% since 1996.

Governor Wolf released his “Restore PA” plan that aims to rebuild Pennsylvania’s aging infrastructure.  The plan would lock in natural gas drilling for the next two decades. Progressive Democrats such as Elizabeth Fiedler, Daniel Otten, Sara Innamorato, and Summer Lee opted out of putting their names on the bill and climate scientist Michael Mann told the Capital Star that he “hopes [Governor Wolf] will reconsider this misguided plan.

Daylin Leach goes full Trump by exonerating himself and leaking a preliminary version of the Senate investigation into his allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct.  His actions forced Jay Costa, Vincent Hughes, Art Haywood, Larry Farnese, Lindsey Williams, Tim Kearny, Maria Collett and everyone else in the Party to call for his resignation.

The Pennsylvania Senate voted Mike Turzai’s egregious EITC tax credit and charter school give away legislation out of committee and just in time for the budget season.  The bill would add $100 million to the EITC tax credit program and would increase the administrative fees from 10% to 20% so billionaire-backed special interests groups like the Commonwealth Foundation can make more money off the backs of Pennsylvania’s poorest children.

Plain View Project releases a report showing racist, misogynist, and violent Facebook post by 330 Philadelphia police officers.

Summer Lee’s UNITE PAC gets the goods.

U.S. Navy looking to get support for its new rail gun by tying it to NASA’s lunar base plans. The electromagnetic railgun will be tested on a U.S. warship soon, could be used to launch payloads off the moon toward Earth or into deep space without the use of chemical propellants.

Free Will Brewery’s new release this weekend is Angel: Hop Blend no. 2 – the second iteration of their “No Boil IPA was brewed with local malt from Deer Creek Malthouse and heirloom bloody butcher corn from Castle Valley Mill.”  

On Wednesday, June 12th, Free Will Brewing joins with Tré Locally Sourced to present “Grilled & Chilled” as their latest sour cellar series. Grilled and Chilled will be a 5-course pairing will feature some of your favorite brews and soon to be favorite dishes.

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