Out d’Coup Podcast for April 19, 2019 – A Good Friday Indeed!

Out d’Coup | Mueller Report; Bernie Takes Fox; Warren’s Big Policies; Gillibrand Both-Siderism; UBI in CA; Rutgers Union Win; NextGen in PA; Where’s Sean?; Star Trek; GoT; Our Planet; Free Will Beer

The Mueller Report drops and, yes, it’s pretty damning for the Trump administration. The biggest challenge for Democratic party leadership now seems to be how to continue to fan the flames of Russian outrage while not pulling the impeachment trigger. But will calls for impeachment growing sharper by the day, you’ve gotta wonder what kind of political gymnastics they will perform now that they have everything they said they needed to call for impeachment hearings. Still, Democratic House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer prefers to punt, instead of exercising the House’s Constitutional oversight authority.

Bernie Sanders puts Fox on its heels at a town hall in Bethlehem. Later in the week he says he’ll ban fracking and all new fossil fuel projects. Elizabeth Warren calls for a ban on all new fossil fuel leases offshore and on public lands. And, I’ve gotta agree with Doug Henwood on this one. Writing in Jacobin, Henwood’s article title says it all, “I Can’t Believe Elizabeth Warren Is Losing to These Guys.”

Kirsten Gillibrand uses Ilhan Omar to stake out her “both-siderism” creds. But when it comes down to it, Gillibrand is right in line with the official party line as Democratic party leadership is failing horribly when it comes to responding to attacks on Ilhan Omar. It seems only the most progressive legislators have got Omar’s back.

Stockton, California begins an 18 month pilot of a University Basic Income for 130 residents.

On the brink of the first strike in Rutgers history, the faculty win a huge contract, proving once again that organizing for power pays off.

NextGen is doing some serious organizing on the ground in Pennsylvania. Activists are getting students at Penn State registered to vote ahead of a special election in the PA 12. While a win for Democrat Marc Friedenberg will be an uphill battle, NextGen already has its sights set on 2020. On Wednesday of this week, NextGen held a town hall on West Chester’s campus with U.S. Rep. Chrissy Houlahan.

It was the season finale of Star Trek Discovery last night and launch of the final season of Game of Thrones last Sunday night. It’s been quite a week. I began watching Netflix’s new series, “Our Planet,” featuring the iconic narration of David Attenborough. It is a beautiful and devastating nature show that places climate change front and center. The BBC also aired David Attenborough’s special, “Climate Change – The Facts” on Thursday.

Naomi Klein, and Avi Lewis team up with The Intercept to release “A Message from the Future with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,” a beautifully animated letter from an imagined future in which the Green New Deal passed and has been put into practice.

Free Will releases a brand new fruited IPA for you this Saturday, 4/20. Sleight is a fruited Double IPA with passionfruit, coconut, and a touch of vanilla. 9.1% ABV. On draft and 4-pack cans available this Saturday in both Perkasie and Peddler’s Village taprooms.

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