Scott Wagner to Campaign with Fox News Host who Said Dr. Christine Blasey Ford Was “Hypnotized” and is a “Fraud.”

Pennsylvania Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Wagner will be hosting an event next week with Fox News Host Judge Jeannie Pirro.  The former senator made the announcement on his Facebook page stating that “Judge Jeanine Pirro will be in York this coming week for a Scott Wagner.”  Over the summer, campaign finance reports show that the Senator’s campaign for Governor paid the Fox News host $24,500 for a fundraising event.  In year’s past, Wagner and Pirro spoke together at fall fundraisers for the Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania.

If there is one thing Senator Wagner and Jude Pirro have in common, it’s their love affair for Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  Last week, Wagner posted a video to his campaign’s Facebook page defending Brett Kavanaugh, and as John Micek reported:

The video is clearly sympathetic to Kavanaugh, with Wagner saying he was ” shocked and disgusted” by the way the federal appellate judge “and his and his family have been treated,” since Dr. Christine Blasey Ford stepped forward last month with a three-decade-old allegation of sexual assault.

He adds that “It has become crystal clear to all Americans that there are those whose only wish is the destruction of a duly elected president.”

But, he added, “We cannot allow legitimate women’s issues to be weaponized by the politically immoral. We cannot, any longer, tolerate scorched earth tactics for political gain.”

Wagner concluded: “Enough is enough. It is time to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court where he belongs. Please join me in supporting a return to manners; a return to respect, and a return to the politics of decency. Thank you, and God bless you.”

The campaign appears to be sympathetic to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, but Wagner’s spokesman stated “Wagner “feels there is no evidence to show Judge Kavanaugh was the perpetrator of the crime that occurred. Scott would have voted to confirm Judge Kavanaugh on Friday morning without an FBI investigation. But he feels the investigation will only further illustrate that there is no reason for Judge Kavanaugh not to be on the Supreme Court.”

The person who Scott Wagner is appearing with?  She doesn’t have much sympathy for Dr.  Ford.  A week before the hearing, Judge Pirro debuted a conspiracy theory on Sean Hannity’s program that Dr. Ford was under hypnosis when she came forward about the incident during couples therapy six years ago.  Pirro then brings up the same conspiracy theory days later as she is co-hosting “The Five.”

Then earlier today, Pirro called Dr. Ford’s story “a fraud” while co-hosting “The Five.”  Pirro stated that “this fear of flying, that was a fraud. This whole idea of needing two doors, that was a fraud. Everything!”

This should not be surprising given the fact that Scott Wagner has touted that he is the most “pro-life” candidate running for office time and time again on the campaign trail.


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