Constitutional Stakes of Colleen Bradley’s Supreme Court Petition: Video | Part 2

Colleen Bradley | Whistleblower | Part 2 - Legal Team Explains Her Case

Earlier this month, we released our exclusive interview with Colleen Bradley, the former Director of Budget and Financial Planning at West Chester University. Bradley was fired after she exposed how WCU – and Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education universities more broadly – were purposely misrepresenting their budgets to legislators, faculty, students, and the public. 

Last week, I discussed some of the legal issues involved the case in my article, “First Amendment Rights at Work in Peril: PA Whistleblower Looks to Supreme Court.” In Part 2 of our video interviews about Colleen Bradley’s case, I talked to her legal team, Ed Mazurek and Daniel Kearney, about the serious Constitutional implications her case has for public employees. 

In an era of unprecedented corruption at the highest levels of our government, we need to strengthen, not curtail, the First Amendment protections of public employees who are best positioned to expose corruption. If the Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in her case is allowed to stand, public employees will lose most of their First Amendment protections at work, limiting their ability to expose governmental misdeeds.  Colleen Bradley and her legal team are preparing a writ of certiorari petition to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Here is my interview with Daniel Kearney and Ed Mazurek:

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