#PAGov: Scott Wagner Seated Next to Steve Bannon at “Put Americans First Rally”

Questionable anti-Semite, Lyndon LaRouche supporter and Pennsylvania’s Republican front-runner for Governor Scott Wagner was spotted sitting next to Donald Trump’s former top adviser Steve Bannon at today’s Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Forum.  Schlafly became famous in the 1970’s when she spearheaded a campaign to sink the Equal Rights Amendment, which would basically give women the same rights to that of men.  Sounds decent, right?

Wagner spoke at the “Put Americans First Rally” speaking highly of Schlafly…

Pennsylvania State Senator Scott Wagner speaking at Put Americans First Rally featuring Steve Bannon in Saint Louis, MO September 24, 2017

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And of course, he promised to take out the trash.

As for the person sitting next to Wagner?


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